Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey Ewe!!!

After a long, and super fun weekend, I'm winding down to start the work week tomorrow. I thought a good way to relax before bed was to pay some bills and do a little online shopping to cross off some stuff on my to-do list. Glamorous, I know.

Anywho, I am on a mission to find cute lamb greeting/note cards and I wanted some that said "I miss ewe" to send to my friend that is stationed in Iraq. You would think these would be a fairly common and adorable card -- well apparently, I was wrong. Very slim pickins. I could design my own, but ugh, I wanted something easy and ready made. And once I start making my own, well than I don't want to just have ones that say "I miss ewe" they would need to also say stuff like "Love Ewe" and "Hey ewe" yada yada yada, the list goes on!

Anywho, during my hunt, I instead stumbled on "Fuck Ewe" cards and Ewe Suck cards!! Ha ha ha! I'm not going to buy them because I don't have many people that I hate AND feel like writing them a letter, duh. Afterall, postage rates keep rising :) If you want to buy some (and NOT mail me) you can go to the sellers page on here or the CafePress site here.
Happy almost Monday, everyone!!


Nic N said...

HA! Those are great!!

Veronica said...

Trust you to 'stumble' across them!! Can't believe you didn't buy them! You could've framed them for your 'red wall' - would always be a talking point for visitors - ah well, opportunity missed!! ;0)

take care...........Vx

Su said...

Amazing cards. So apt!