Monday, March 29, 2010

I Miss Ewe Times Two!

A few weeks ago I was hunting for cute lamb note cards. I scoured the interweb to only find very few Websites selling novelty lamb cards. Then that pool narrowed even more since I wanted ones that said, "I miss ewe" because I'm a giant dork and I wanted to send my friend Dan cute cards while he's deployed in the Army in Afghanistan.  Well my Google searches and hunts on resulted with me finding a cute box set of 10 cards from Grey's Greetings on Etsy.

When I placed my order I found their email address and inquired about the "I miss ewe" card and how I really thought all of the cards were super cute and they would make my friend's day while he's deployed. So then a few days later, I check my mail and found out that they had doubled my order for free because they came from a military family and knew how important mail is. Simply adorable. It made my day, and I know it'll make his too... well at least I hope it will.

So if you're looking to buy some cute cards (they don't JUST sell lamb cards, even though they rock!) you should check out their site.

Or you should just buy me my very own lamb so it can do this!!!!



lisa said...

oh fer gawd sakes. First Babe puts me off Bacon, now I'll never be able to look at a lamb chop again!

Nic N said...

HA! I LOL'd.

Weird request, but if you are able to give us your friends address in Afghanistan, we are known for sending boxes of awesome stuff. Ted remembers the things that he wanted when he was in Iraq and Kuwait, and my cousin's husband received many a box from us when he was there. We even take requests :)


Anonymous said...

Awww. I'm not even in love with lambs but I had to watch that twice. I think I could want one too now!

Bonnie said...

Oh my god! That was adorable!! Thanks, I needed that today.

Su said...

Did you see that Etsy vendor gave you a shout out on their page?!