Monday, September 27, 2010

Dodge One Cancer, Slice Off Another

Being as pale as I am (one of my co-workers calls me a vampire even!), I get annual skin checks to make sure I'm being as proactive as I can to fight skin cancer. That and, I lather up with the sunblock and try to avoid sunbathing since I go from white to lobster.

Anywho, I've also been going to the skin doctor also a few times a year for my skin breakouts -- nothing really works for me, they give me a bunch of crap, swear it works and make me waste my money. Last time I  got a facial I showed my chick a little bump I had on my face - near my temple. She thought it was a clogged pore, but it wouldn't unclog. I had had it for about 9 months, and I just happened to have a dermatologist appointment the following week. My derm tried to write off the bump as an acne scar and I basically had to sales her and push her to get it tested. Well... it turns out, it was precancerous cells. I'm only 28 friggin' years old! It was an actinic keratosis and if left untreated can turn into cancer. Yikes!

I have a follow up appointment scheduled for next week. I just can't believe someone as cautious AND young as myself would have precanerous cells on my face! And that my derm tried to pretend it was nothing!

I'll keep you all posted on the next steps if there are any -- and of course, make sure to schedule your annual skin check!

Oh and by the way -- my recent 6-month hodge follow up appointment was clean. I'll hopefully have my last pet scan in 6 months - then it's blood work moving forward! Huzzah!



Jolene said...

Ugh! Well I will say a prayer that it isn't cancerous and you get rid of it asap! XO!

Nic N said...


Glad the Hodge is still banished. Cuck Fancer!

miss lincoln said...

hey....amazing how you can write about your illness.....individuals like yourself act as an inspiration to all.