Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chemopalooza Now Has A Disclaimer

I often get emails from people in the cancer industry - PR firms, analysts, pseudo doctors trying to sell me crap, people trying to get me to review a book on breast cancer (which I never had), etc. etc.

Like many people in the cancer community, I really do want to help people. Afterall, I beat the hodge, I get it. And of course I volunteered for a year talking with cancer patients. But now, I work full-time (and then some) and have other things on my plate.

Good News: If you're dealing with the hodge and you've got questions for me, I'm happy to help! If you just want to tell me my blog inspired you or helped you through a difficult time - email me, I'd love to hear that!

Bad News: But... if you want me to help your client, I probably don't have the time or interest to help (unless you're offering a paying job, of course). I rarely blog on here anymore, and it's tough to respond to every PR pitch I recieve, let along follow their requests.

So please please please, NO PR pitches on Chemopalooza. I work in PR, I get the need for media coverage, but that's not what my blog is about - at all. I list a ton of great resources on here to help patients and medical professionals navigate the cancer interwebs, use 'em!


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WingAbouts said...

Good for you! So wonderful that you've stood up not only to cancer, but to the cancerous pariah out there. Loved what I'm seeing on your blog. May God's blessings be yours. -Barbara, aka WingAbouts