Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The aches

They've started early, the aches are back. Usually I get them around 6pm on Tuesdays after chemo, but they hit right before bed last night, and they're TERRIBLE. Headaches, muscle aches, you name it, it hurts. It's weird how it takes the chemo a few days to hurt my muscles, but they always hurt eventually. Mostly my upper body hurts, especially my arm pits, weird places for aches, but it's the truth. Blah. I hate the aches. I'm hoping they wear off sooner since they started sooner, but it's doubtful. I guess the chemo builds up and the effect of everything gets greater. So I'm guessing the aches will just start sooner and sooner until I'm hurting while I'm getting chemo - please cross your fingers it doesn't happen like that though!

Back to hiding in my bed with my pup.


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