Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy Busy Bzzzz

Today I talked to the woman that books the surgeries, and she said that they're going to put me under for my port operation. Kinda strange to me since I didn't go under for my biopsy surgery. They also said that Nurse Dave doesn't work in that type of surgery, so he won't be there, sad lamb! We gave it a good try though!!

I'm feeling kinda nauseous from the lovely Valtrex. Tina said it really works your kidneys and to just drink lots. Still loopy though :( Fuckin' herpes!

Today I had lunch with some peeps from work. It was good to get out and see everyone and hear all about what's going on in the office. I also made sure to bring my BFFi 5 packs of candy cigarettes, just to get him thru the next couple weeks! ha ha I even feel like I looked pretty normal today, which is always exciting!

I'm trying to jam in hanging out with everyone while I'm feeling up to it this week. I'm going to dinner with Nicole tonight for pizza...we love it! It's much needed. I'm leaving in a few minutes actually. I should probably put some real pants on instead of pj pants :)

I'll write more soon.



Unknown said...

i am glad to hear about your port. I heard it makes a world of difference. i have a picline which rocks because im afraid of needles. anyways i wanted to tell you that I beat it. as of yesterday I am cancer free. only 4 more chemos and 15-20 days of radiation and im done. If I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! and i mean that. good luck with the surgery and please write me back. your website buddy, Luke

Unknown said...

I miss you! Heading off for vacation tomorrow first thing, but will be back on April 2.

I saw your post re: Ring & the wax lips after I sent you that e-mail, circled back with Farah and she had already sent the pics to Sydne.

Hang in there, kiddo. Let's have lunch upon my return.