Friday, March 16, 2007

Diapers would make cancer more expensive

I suppose I'm lucky. I've read about other people doing chemo and they get really sick, throwing up and the whole nine yards. Me, I haven't. I get headaches, body aches, muscle aches, stomach aches, scalp aches, vein aches, teeth aches, constipated, tired, hair loss, but so far it's all bearable, though depressing. I'd say lately, I sleep about 2/3 of the day. I'll wake up, eat something, stay up for a few hours and go right back to bed for another 3-4 hours, wake up, eat and stay up for a few more hours, then back to bed. I think it's similar to being a baby. If I start wearing diapers this cancer thing is going to get expensive!

It's kinda weird that even my teeth hurt. Who knew!? I thought it was my toothpaste until I did some trusty Google searches. Seriously, what would I do without Internet?

I keep thinking about this time last year and what I was doing. I was actually interviewing for a job in San Fran and was getting back to normal after not having much of a life while I was at LPP. I was really busy and happy then. Lots of new things happening. I can't wait for my 25th birthday to come. By then, I'll be better and hopefully life will be back to normal. I wish I could just go into chemo coma and wake up and just be better.

I know this whole cancer thing will just be a blip on my life when I look back, it just sucks that it takes so long to get over it. Still I'm lucky, it could be much worse.

I'm looking forward to Sunday. It's the St Patricks Day Parade. Every year we go to my uncle's house for food and the parade - and to just get together. It'll be good to see everyone there. I'm not sure who will be there, but a lot of them have been either calling me or sending cards, so it'll be good to see them in person. It's tough for me to make phone calls to people lately. I'm sick of telling everyone how I am, or explaining stuff over and over - it gets frustrating and depressing. So sometimes, I just don't answer the phone or I just don't call them back right away until I'm in a good mood or something. It's good to hear from everyone don't get me wrong - it's just tough to dole out my updates. It was easier when I was working and doing more, but now I don't have much news and the news I do have isn't that exciting. But still keep the calls, emails, and whatever else coming. They do cheer me up, just know it might take me a little while to get back to you.

Seriously, one huge party when I'm better. There will be party hats, streamers, champagne, a pinata, chocolate cake, you name it - if it's awesome, it'll be there!

Oh yeah, and so will this dude... ha ha

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