Monday, March 26, 2007

Look Good Minus The Feel Better

Back from Look Good, Feel Better. It was okay, nothing earth shattering amazing or anything. I did feel terrible too, you have to reserve to go to this, and there was only one black woman there, and guess what -- they couldn't find a dark makeup kit for her so they just had her watch, it was soo rude. So much for the whole Feel Better part for her. I got some good makeup and some eh makeup, most of it wasn't the right color for me, especially the foundations. I did go out and buy a real eyebrow pencil in case because they ones they showed us with were terrible and I looked like I belonged on the Munsters! I think my mom had fun too. I might try and go to another one near my apartment one of these days, but we won't tell them that :) Hopefully I'll get better colors! I was also surprised, except for one woman with lung cancer, I think I was the only non breast cancer person at the event. Kinda nuts, so much breast cancer.

I'm feeling antsy and restless again. I think I should have filled a script for some more sleeping pills. I haven't taken them in a while, but I definitely haven't been sleeping normal and I really could use some good sleep. I'm going to have to call the pharmacy tomorrow and see what I can get. Blah blah blah, that's all I got right now.


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