Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm kinda cranky and achy

Still not much new with me. I'm feeling achy today, my back and my neck mostly. I hate cancer. It sucks on days like today with the aches and everything -- I just wake up and move along the day until it's time for bed at night. I finally did get some sleeping pills yesterday, however they didn't work last night. My lovely dog thought it was a good idea to wake me up at 1:30am last night, he was trying to lay next to me, and woke me up. I was all sweaty and I couldn't go back to sleep all night. Every hour I'd wake up, and every few hours I'd get up to pee. Grr. I still heart my pup though.

My port is hurting a bit too. It feels gross, like someone could just come up to me and pull it out. I guess it'll feel better once the bruises go down, at least, I hope it will. Ugh, I can't wait to get better. It seems so far away, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. It's Thursday then, I should be almost on my way tomorrow. My stomach is cranky lately too. I have weird heartburn / nausea, I just want it to be normal. It's weird how you take having a normal functioning stomach for granted. I've gained like 10 pounds since I've been sick. I'm going to have to work out like one of those healthy people when I'm better because, yeah my clothes don't fit. I'll still love pizza though :)


Unknown said...

Hi Kell -- sorry the Look Good event wasn't as good as expected... keep your head up! Love and miss ya lots! Let's get together when you're up to it.

- Nicole Cl

Chris said...

Hi Kelly, me and Chris just reading through your blog. Chris is experiencing the same symptoms and getting extremely p**sed off with it, he says you are not on your own. The weight gains is only temporary, you will be fine...enjoy your pizza!!!

I will email you