Thursday, March 29, 2007

I need new pants

The other day I stumbled across this lymphoma message board that has been entertaining me for the past few days. It looks like a bunch of people read and post on it all day long. It's a little scary though, I've found other people's blogs and read about them, some people have died from Hodgkin's -- I only think of it as the cure-able cancer. I know I'm not going to die, I probably have a better chance of getting into a car accident or something - but it's a little weird to read about so many other people. Most of them are in remission and just post for fun now - I guess once a cancer fighter, always a cancer fighter.

So I'm officially gaining weight. Duh. I went and tried on some pants today - mostly because most pants I own don't fit anymore - and I'm definitely up a size. Grrr. I need to find some good looking sweat pants that I can live in. I wear the same old school Adidas pants all the time. They're not so attractive, good thing I'm not in public that much! But seriously, soon I may go find the old lady section of Macy's or something - you know those old ladies that wear the elastic waist band pants - yeah, I need those.

The countdown continues for I'm Too Young For This - it's on Saturday, starting at 8:30am at Mass Art in Boston. 8:30 sure is early, I hope it's worth it. I'm going by myself to it, I'm also hoping that that's normal so I'm not the weird cancer girl without friends. Hopefully I'll be just the opposite and make lots of cancer friends! Hopefully I can sit thru the whole thing, it's an all day event, and I'm not that good at sitting thru stuff anymore. Maybe they'll have naptime.... probably not... but I guess they provide food... another thing I hope they get right. I'm hoping it's normal food. I was told they would have "lots of good food" but who knows what that means. I almost want to bring a PB&J in my purse in case the food is weird. I'm such a bitch, but to begin with I'm a picky eater, then you tack cancer cranky stomach on top of it, well it's super picky! I'm kinda like a pregnant lady, I crave random stuff all the time - and when I want it, I want it now. Things I crave include bertuccis marghertia pizza, friendly's, chicken parm, panera (especially their balsamic dressing lately -- very specific, I know), french fries, mozzarella cheese (but I'm getting away from this), bread, peas, chocolate cake, ice cream... writing all of these things surprisingly doesn't make me hungry though.

I'm supposed to hang out with Greg tonight. I was a little wary about hanging out because I thought it meant I'd have to drive a bunch and I'm sooo not up for driving, but he said he would pick me up to hang out! Hooray for not driving! I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but whatever, I'll get out for a little while :)

Okay, I'm done writing for now. More updates soon. XO

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Anonymous said...

> I need to find some good looking sweat pants that I can live in.

Haha, I read this line and smiled so wide. One year in highschool, I used to wear sweatpants, EVERYDAY. But, no one knew they were sweats, I guess cuz of the way I wore them. (You'd have to see pics, to understand ;) I even got complements?!? Crazy! And kind of embarrasing now that I'm thinking back, haha...

I hope you find that kick ass pair, girl!