Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who Reads This?

I think you should all leave more comments so I know who's reading this these days. I can see where people are reading from sorta, but half the places I don't know anyone in... so yeah, lemme know you're reading - besides, I get email when I get comments, and email is fun, duh. xo

PS Who the hell lives in Virginia? I'm guessing I know someone that lives there because they read chemopaloooza every day, but I can't think of who it is... leave a comment my secret virginia reader.... I swear, I'll stop looking at the sitemeter soon :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly,

My son in law is in the same boat as you. You both share the same attitude-positive, thats great.

You are both getting over it and that is fantastic! well done
Congrats on a great website

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly --- I'm reading you everyday :)


Anonymous said...

I'm reading you everyday too!
- Jess :-)

Chris said...

Read regularly but don't comment. Have the same issue on my blog, it is really nice to get some feedback, makes you feel that you are not alone, especially when feeling cr4p.

Keep your pecker up.


Anonymous said...

one more thing, can you let me have an email address for you please kelly. Vxx ours is

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Hope all well today, have the shingles cleared up?

And no, Chris doesn't have sensitive teeth at the moment but he does seem a bit chesty this week.

Email coming your way.