Sunday, April 15, 2007

As Promised - The Nice Things Work Sent Me

Hi Everyone! I just went thru and wrote down everything that I got from the lovely people at work and wanted to share it with you - they really deserve some credit for sending me some cheer. It's kinda like a quick thank you note, ya know, before I write out the real ones! :)

Without further suspense...the list

  • Syd - Hilllarious wax lip flavored lip gloss - I laughed SOO hard when I read the card!! It tastes yummy too!
  • Jordan - Lots of yummy Easter candy!! A giant lollipop, pez and chocolate!
  • Brandie - Rachel Ray Magazine - this should give me some great ideas for new snacks to make with my free time!
  • Danielle - Ghiradelli chocolate - yumm!
  • Nathaniel - A super cute card with a dog on it and chocolate flavored gummy bears - they don't look good, but they SOOO are!!
  • Susan - Hillllarious candy cigarettes! Waaay better than the ones I found! See picture!! :)
  • Jackie Hanley - More yummy Ghiradelli chocolate!
  • Chrissy - English Tea Biscuits...they look delish!
  • Julia - Giant lollipop and gift certificate to Hollywood Video - I'll save this for movie night
  • Carla - Super cute card and a cheesy beach read - seriously this is just what I needed!! Thanks!
  • Kerry - Delicious smelling coca body scrub and chocolate... I'm seriously taking a bath tonight to try it out! Cute hand made card too!
  • Ellen - Tea... this will be great to help me relax, thank you!
  • Ginger - sharing her own obsession, a cute mini purse from the Gap! :)
  • Karen and Sarah - The Devil Wears Prada - yes you will be invited over to watch it!
  • Jena - More chocolate :) Cadburry mini eggs
  • Georgia Bouchard (Karen's daughter) - Playdoh with Dora The Explorer on the top - I laughed sooo hard, and who doesn't love Playdoh!
  • Vinny Bouchard (Karen's son) - One of his favorite toy cars! How cute! :)
  • Lynda (my cube neighbor!) - playing cards and trashy magazines!! You know me so well, I LOVE trashy reading!
  • Stephanie - her favorite CD, Everything But The Girl - I'll have to add it to my iPod to have a listen during my next chemo!
  • Peter, Jodi, Maria, Karen, George, Ellen, Dan, Ed - A $50 gift card to Old Navy! How perfect, as you might know, I need new pants these days!!
  • Also Karen totally is the awesomest because I know she organized everything and provided the basket - and who else has their kids participate!! She's the coolest!!
A big giant THANK YOU to everyone for the nice thoughts and gifts. It really made my day to open the box yesterday and read everyone's thoughtful messages! I can't wait to come back and be normal again soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow Kel, that is so sweet! Puts the rest of us to shame, huh? :)
- Jess

Chris said...

Sounds really nice.
I will give you a list of my gifts received during illness from work: -
1 - Get well card from cleaner.
2 - Still waiting!!!
3 - Just in case!!!!
Really makes you think!
Keep that pecker up