Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Heart Bowling

I just got back from dinner and bowling with Pat. It was a funtastic time had by all. We ate too much yummy Olive Garden and then went bowling -and I was actually really good!! I won the first round, and lost the last two rounds, BUT I got a strike which is pretty cool! It was some good fat kid style exercise :)

I'm feeling good today. I've been going all day long. It's almost 2am and I still have lots of energy, but I'll probably make myself go to bed soon. I had a great relaxing massage today, just what I needed. I might try and go back in a month or so for another one. Oh and another exciting thing today...I got money back from my taxes!! Hooray! I love direct deposit from the government !!

Okay, sorry it's a short post tonight. I don't have too much else to write, but hooray for feeling good.


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