Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chemo #8 - Cancer Is MY Bitch!

So tomorrow is chemo #8... I still owe a big blog post, but it's not going to happen tonight because I'm tired. I'll probably post something tomorrow when my dad is passed out after chemo, yeah, he usually falls alseep several hours before I do on chemo day. Pretty funny! :)

Today I ordered 2 Cancer Is My Bitch tshirts - one for me and one for my UK cancer fighting friend Chris. It should be funtastic to get it. I've been in good spirits these past few days - it's good to finally feel good. I really think it was keeping the bleo out this last round, I seemed to recover better than the usual. I would totally enjoy keeping the bleo out every other time, my fingers are crossed...of course I would just like to kick cancer's ass and I'll do what I gotta do to do so, but still, I would enjoy the bleo being left out. I was telling Mandy how my eyebrows recently started growing again - they hadn't grown in months- and she made a good point that maybe it's because they left out the bleo...interesting, eh? I'm going to ask tomorrow. I even got my bangs trimmed today - I haven't cut my hair since February - which for me is like a year!

I saw Auntie Doris today - she's going to make me headbands with all the fun fabric I bought. I'm sooo excited that someone else is going to help me because I'm sooo not crafty! She made me a test one and even added a little padding to it so it was soft on my sensitive head :) We also talked about how when I was little she used to babysit me and braid my hair - now if she did that she might get some clumps, ha ha!

Well I should head to bed, it's 11:00pm and I have to leave here by 6:45am and remember to pack everything like my pretzels (help with cranky stomach) and fruit and drinks etc. Gotta bring snacks because they don't have good food at the hospital - they have an Au Bon Pain, but I have a bad association with it and refuse to eat it, plus I swear it's just gross, but Dad likes it :)

I'll post more soon, I've been slacking! Keep the comments coming, I don't get enough email lately bitches!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, thinking of you today! Hope it has all gone well.

I will email you tonight.


Anonymous said...

yay you ordered a shirt!! That will be a fun one to wear. I still want to get the curiosity may have killed this cat, but cancer didn't! With the little bandana wearing kitty!! Hope treatment goes well today and you perk up quickly!