Monday, April 9, 2007

My Dog Has Something To Say

4 days since chemo. I'm feeling tired and sluggish. Not getting enough sleep these past days. I had to take ativan this afternoon to get a nap in. My gums are kinda funky feeling again too. I think it's part of the weird mouth taste, but I'm not really sure.

I got some bubbles for Easter from my mom and dad - they thought they dog might like to play with them :) Then, yesterday I went to my aunt and uncles for Easter - it was good to see everyone, but it totally sucked all my energy out. Another thing I need to vent about - people that come up to you and get all serious and sad and tell me everything is going to be okay -- I know this! Stop trying to make me feel bad or uncomfortable! Sheesh! I've done 7 chemo treatments and have 5 left. Thankfully that number is finally smaller than the number I've done!!!

I want to thank everyone for your bandanna suggestions. I'm looking into all of them. I had a really good hair day yesterday and it still looks pretty normal today - I just wish it would stop falling out. Sometimes me and my dad play a game - who's hair is thinner than mine -- we went to the Target down the street from my apartment and the pharmacist totally had thinner hair than me, you could see scalp... it's evil, but it makes me feel better!

A month or so ago, my mom's friend George brought over a stuffed animal for me - it's a mini version of my pup. My pup (Bailey) loves this stuffed animal so much that I made a deal with him, he can play with it only while he's in my room! :) Today he came and napped with me and his stuffed animal, it was cute. The best thing about my pup is that he sings a mean Happy Birthday... I've included a clip, it's from the summer, but he's just as good or even better now.

Kinda a random blog tonight, but you'll survive...and just remember Happy Birthday To Roo!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Brilliant-I love you dog!


Anonymous said...

I meant to say-I love your Dog!