Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chemo Without The Bleo Seems Better

So it's Tuesday, usually the start of the severe body aches, but honestly, today isn't that bad. I'm thinking it's because we didn't do the bleo (B in the ABVD) this time because I said I had lung pain. Maybe I'll feel better faster because of the lack of the bleo, I'm pretty sure it's one of the drugs that gives the pains. I've still got a few muscle aches and I popped some ibuprofen just to take the edge off. I have been needing to ativan in the day time/ early morning to get some more sleep in, but hey whatever works I guess!

I got my pulmonary function test scheduled for next week - I forget, it's either Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm going to try and splurge and get a massage this weekend. I'm also apparently going to physical therapy next week, I'll have to schedule my Wednesday appointment. I'm thinking the massage might help "rejuvenate" me and make me relax and feel normalish sooner... that's my goal. I gotta call tomorrow. There's this nice Irish woman at the spa I used to go to, hopefully she is available. I miss pampering myself. I miss haircuts and new shampoos. I use the same gentle one all the time now just to be nice to my hair - once in a very great while I'll change it up, but it's rare. We know how much I love shampoo and things that smell good. I also miss getting facials, they're so relaxing and my skin always looked so good afterwards! But ugh, it's really just soooo relaxing! I need to hold off on stuff like that until I'm better, don't need people poking around my face when I'm susceptible of getting extra sickies. Sad lamb.

The thing about being bed-ridden half the time - you see sooooo many commercials! I really want to just go eat a ton of food and go blow dry my hair with some new crap on the ads. It makes me kinda cranky. I really notice the chicks on the hair commercials, and I look right at their part of their hair and know it's thicker than mine :( Those bitches! And the food thing, we'll I just feel like pigging out all of a sudden, but my stomach isn't so happy now. I went to lunch at Lido's with my mom today - I've been going there since I was little - they have really good chicken parm, and any place that serves chicken parm with salad, really fresh bread, pasta AND steak french fries, has got to be good - the french fries obviously make the meal! But I'm a dumby and I ate waaay too much and I'm still recovering. I was doing really good earlier with doing lots of small meal/snacks, but whoops I went overboard today. I just had green beans and bread and a little popcorn for dinner to try and salvage my gut :)

Hopefully I'll feel normal this weekend. I'm due for some serious fat kid bonanza style eating. And hopefully some days of fun!!
I'm outta stuff to write so XO


Anonymous said...

Glad the lack of bleo seems to be helping & glad your Easter was pretty good. We missed ya on Sat night, but completely understandable. Let me know next time you're with the 'rents for a few days, and I'll come visit ya! xo

Anonymous said...

Hello from the U.K.

Just wishing you lots of love and luck. Your site is excellent.

Rachael x

Chris said...


Im back from Wales and just read your updates. Keep your pecker up chuck!
Chemo 4 for me yesterday, horrible. Feel a bit better today but waiting for the full side effects.
Speak soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, reading your blog has just made me extremely hungry!!!! I am going to have to go and raid the fridge.

Vxx mmmm popcorn