Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thanks Drew!

It's nice when you know people are reading your blog in such detail that they send a special toothpaste kit home with your dad for your painful teeth!! Thanks Drew for reading my blog and sending the toothpaste! I tried it tonight and my fingers are crossed for normal teeth soon! At the very least, the toothpaste is less minty than normal stuff, so my teeth aren't freezing when I brush :)

So incase you're new to reading my blog, and maybe you're newly diagnosed with Hodgkin's - go to the dentist before chemo!! Don't use whitening toothpaste like I did during the beginning of chemo, use some sensitive high fluoride stuff or you'll be like me, using straws to drink warm juice!

As for my normal Kelly updates, I'm feeling okay today. I woke up soaked in sweat last night, my bed, my t-shirt, hair, everything - what a pain. I'm getting smart with getting crappy sleep though, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I just take something. If I took ativan to go to sleep and that didn't work, then I'll take an Ambien, sleep is just too important to me! I'm a little muscle achy today, but no where near as bad as it's been before. It's gotta be the lack of bleo. I also took a shower tonight, even washed my sweaty hair. I'm hoping it'll help me sleep good.

I've been eating pretty good except for that chicken parm bonanza yesterday. Today I had baked chicken and green beans and rice. We got these green beans that are frozen but were fresh at one time (if that makes sense) and they're soooo good. I love green beans. I've also been eating a lot of fruit, at least 1 big serving a day. I had a good amount of watermelon today, it was good - a lil painful on the teeth, but good.

Oh yeah, I heard that tomorrow on ABC Nightline (PS their website sucks) at 11:30pm they're having a special on cancer, I believe it's on young adults or something. I have it set on my tv as a reminder tomorrow, hopefully I'll remember to watch it. Check it out if you remember too. I heard about it at the I'm Too Young For This event, I'm pretty sure they follow around folks from Dana Farber.


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