Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My New Mission

I'm on a mission to find bandannas! Where the hell are they hiding?! Okay so I went to the mall near my parents house tonight, I went to a ton of stores I wouldn't normally go to, like Hot Topic -- which actually had bandannas, BUT they had skulls on them, and I'm really not a huge fan. I then went to the all favorite and tacky Claires - and found a boring navy one. But where are the cute ones that don't look like bikers or murders wear them?! Any suggestions? My next thought was to take the one I bought and go to a fabric store and just get fabric cut to be the same size....I dunno, we'll see. Any ideas feel free to share!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly

I stumbled upon you via my friend Chris's Hodkinsons blog. Chris has been a friend and close co-worker for over 15yrs. In fact he used to be my boss !!
I can understand where you are both coming from. My wife also has cancer (ovarian) and is going through chemo.The kids dont know and its difficult keeping it from them. I speak with Chris every week and we try not to mention the 'C' word but it domminates our lives at the moment.
A sense of humour and a positive attitude are crucial at a time like this. We will win, it may take a little while.
A belive you like the phrase 'keep your pecker up' it up !!

Manchester England