Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Wednesday Before...

Ahh the Wednesday before chemo. I kinda hate this day because I feel the best, yet I'm dreading starting all over again tomorrow. Six more to go, it seems like forever until June 14th. I kinda haven't washed my hair since Saturday - my scalp is really hurting and a little itchy, I'm thinking it's a sign that more hair than usual is going to fall out. I'm going to wash it today though, I promise :) I'm still on a mission to find bandannas so I can look semi normal and not wash it for days :) It's so annoying now that I know I'm doing six months instead of 4, because 4 months will be up in a month, and I know I would have hair left then! Six months, I'm just not sure.

Those pictures I posted really kinda shocked me. I really didn't think my eyebrows looked any different until you compare the I really look like a cancer patient with those bare brows! Oh well, they'll grow back, hopefully twice as thick! Funny thing is, I waxed them about 2 months ago and they haven't grown back much, they just kept their shape. Guess cancer is good for something - it keeps those unwanted eyebrow hairs away! ha ha
My teeth have been driving me nuts lately. They're super sensitive it's insane. I need to drink room temperature water, and even then it's usually still too cold. I tried to eat some cut up fruit last night and yikes that killed my teeth. I really wish I got a chance to go to the dentist before I started chemo. I'm going to call them today though and see if they can pass along any tips - hopefully they have some wonder treatment or toothpaste or something!

I'm really enjoying all of the comments I've been getting lately. Keep it up, it gives me something to do and usually makes me laugh or at least smile. I'll try to post more later today or tomorrow after chemo.



Anonymous said...

Hey Kell - Try Sensodine toothpaste. That might help.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the "day before chemo" feeling. It's like I want to go kayaking, sky diving, and eat a massive feast, just so I don't "waste" my good days. It's like knowing that tomorrow you have to go back to Chemo Camp, where the food is good, but you'll throw it up anyway!! :) I hope your chemo goes swimmingly and your out and about in a jiffy.