Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Looked Pretty Normal Today!

So today I got up bright and early - 6:30am - mostly due to chemo since I had my alarm set for 7:30am. I got up, had breakfast and showered to go to my cousins bridal shower for 9am. I must say, I actually looked pretty normal today! Almost like my old self! I tried to take a picture to post, but my digital camera is being super funky and not working. I'm going to look into returning it or something this week - I should be able to get a really nice one since mine is a few years old and was pretty expensive -- that is, if they take it back like I think they will. Maybe I'll get some cash to go on a shopping spree with :)

I'm feeling good so far today, I took a little nap with the pup and am headed out to dinner with mom and dad and their friends shortly.
Anywho, sad lamb, no pictures to post. But stay tuned, I'll use Dad's camera and post some soon.


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