Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Official - She Has The Hodge!

So it's official, they gave Lynette on Desperate Housewives Hodgkin's Lymphoma! Me and Tina (my NP) were chatting about this last week, she thought she might be too young for the hodge, but it looks like she got it. I'm disappointed though, since it's the season finale, she'll probably be done with chemo when it comes back on. And hello, you might not go totally bald as she said on the show, she said "When I start chemo, I'm giving up shampoo" -- Dear Desperate Housewives writers, I still have lots of hair, so suck it! Anywho, just wanted share the news, the hodge will be made semi famous on DH. If you want to watch the episode you can go to or try clicking here.



Jason said...

Kelly -- While I'm quasi-ashamed to admit that I watched DH last night, I did think of you when she started describing the type of cancer. It would've been much better had you been sitting in the writers' room giving notes, though. ``Can we say kick cancer's ass on television? Will that pass the censors?'' - Jason

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, ogg to Wales tomorrow, another country for

Email you later.