Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Such A Bargain Shopper!

So I got a new camera yesterday... I still have to get the hang of it, I was so used to my old one, but I'm pretty excited about the deal. So my parents bought me my fancy digital camera like 3-4 years ago, and it was a 6.3 megapixel so it was like top of the line then... it was $460ish for it, still a good deal, obviously expensive, but a good deal. They bought it at Costco, and before this March Costco's return policy was - if you buy it there and anything happens to it - it breaks whatever, they replace it or give you your money back or store credit. So anywho, we bring my camera in and look at others - much fancier than mine, smaller, more pixels or whatever, all that jazz...and I found one for $260ish!! Yep, I made $200, how exciting!! I still need to figure it all out, it's different than my original one and I miss it, but it's an upgrade so I gotta get used to it. And HELLO, I made $200 which is always exciting!! I'm trying to think of what else I can return for fun money! ha ha, such a scam artist I know!

So yeah, I'm going to take some pictures soon of me looking normalish. I'm also thinking about getting a haircut, it'll be like baby's first haircut. I'm not sure if I wrote about it already - but I figured my hair is growing all different ways, parts are growing, parts aren't - it's all sorts of uneven, so I'm thinking about getting a trim. It's a big step since I haven't cut it in like 4 months or so... I'll keep you posted on the trimmings!

Oh also, please think good thoughts for Wullie Currie in Scotland and Chris and Vicky in the UK - cancer is being bitchy to them these days. Chris was waiting on clean scans only to find out that he still has to do a few more rounds of chemo and then rads - he'll get over this hump, but still it's a bummer! And Wullie is waiting to have his post DHAP CT scan on Wednesday - think happy thoughts for these cancer fighters. Oh and while I'm writing about my cancer blogging pals, have you looked at Morgan Cyr's blog yet - she is hands down, the FUNNIEST cancer patient ever! You need to check out her pictures!

Okee XO!


Wullie said...

Hey hey Kelly,
Looking forward to seeing these new photies! I'm sure you'll look great.
Sounds like you're doing really well and only two chemos to go! Woo hoo!

Best get started on the party arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Off to Wales now, will send you a postcard. Keep smiling x