Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sleepy Doodle Weekend

I'm feeling a little sleepy today and yesterday - not too terrible, but definitely sleeping a lot. I'm still feeling mostly good though. My hair seems to be falling out a lot in the past few days, so I'm avoiding washing it. Maybe tomorrow if you're lucky :) I ran out of Zofran a day early, so I'm testing myself to see if I feel crappy without it. I have a feeling I'll be fine. However, my tongue has been feeling weirdish, like I'm getting sores, I know it's normal, but I usually don't get them. I think I'll have some ice cream later to take away some of the tongue crankies.

Tonight at 8pm is that Living With Cancer special on the Discovery Channel. I shouldn't watch it - ya know, since I don't have cancer anymore -incase you haven't heard, it's my bitch! :)

Anywho, just thought I would post an update. I'm hoping to feel normal by Tuesday, we will see. Gotta love not having the bleo!


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Anonymous said...

Hi kelly, enjoy the ice cream, I hope it does the trick. Thanks for sorting the hats and I will post something to you in the next few days. The post office is closed today as it is bank holiday. Chris has taken the children to the cinema (good luck to him!!). Hope you manage without the Zofran.