Friday, May 25, 2007

What's Cancer? Oh Yeah, It's His BITCH!

I got a package today from my UK cancer fighting friends, Chris and Vicky...well they both don't have the Hodge, that would be weird...but Chris does and as you can see, he's making it his BITCH! I had to scan the picture until I get an electronic version this will have to do :) (Karen, I hope you don't mind that I sent him one of the bandannas you got me)They also sent me some tea and biscuits, a bear from Manchester, some fun liquorice, a tshirt from the BUPA Great Manchester Run (his sister ran in this), some yummy peppermints - I feel like I've been to the UK and back!!! Oh and the most exciting thing they sent was... more pictures!! It's a toss up between my favorite, but they sure look fancy sporting their hats and black tie dress!
Thanks Chris and Vicky for making my day! Next package I send will be filled with Boston items...I'll have to get creative on it...maybe during my Duck Tour Day of Fun I can find some things to send :)

1 comment:

Wullie said...

Hey hey Kelly,
If you gimme your addy I'll pop over some Scottish hospitality to you.
It'll beat that English rubbish ;-)

All the best!!