Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who Wants To Go On A Duck Tour?

I finally took a real shower, hair washing and all, and I'm starting to feel much better! Hopefully I'm on my way to a normal weekend! I just ate a bunch and now I'm starting to actually relax - instead of just sitting around because that's all I can do.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to Block Island this weekend. I haven't been there in a while - probably since last summer, so I'm due for a visit. I kinda hope I don't bump into anyone I used to hang out with - or any ex's that I used to date - I only want people to see me when I look "normal". Who knows, maybe I'll get motivated and go see some people, but I'm guessing probably not. I'll probably just hang out and see our family friends Ron and Judy, and Joyce and Charlie, probably do dinner or something. And of course, take the pup to the beach! I'll bring my new camera too - maybe I can go drive around and get some new pictures. I have some really good ones from a few years ago, but I don't think I took many last year.

I'm going to my apartment on Tuesday (I think). I'm going to a Look Good Feel Better on Wednesday with Mandy and I'm going to do something with Pat on Tuesday - perhaps bowling, since I'm so good. I haven't stayed at my apartment in forever. I can't wait to be back there for a good weekend with good weather. And I'm excited that the AC will be on in my building next time I go there. I also want to go to Boston to do a Duck Tour - me and Pat have have planned to do one when I'm better or at least the weather is better - which soon enough both will be true :) If enough people wanted to go we could charter one too - perhaps a drunken Duck Tour! But yeah, if you wanna go in a month or so, lemme know, maybe we can coordinate a Duck bonanza!
Anywho, that's all I got for now. XO


Veronica said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on Wullie's blog. They help both of us......x

Have a fab weekend and I'll be looking for your photos on the 'Happy' thread, no pressure....:p

Wullie said...

WTF is a Duck tour?
Do you go around looking for quack quacks?
I'm way off the mark here, aren't I!!?

Anonymous said...

Kelly -

Catching up on your fabulous postings now. Ryan and I will certinly be up for a duck tour. Keep us posted on the date! :)