Friday, May 11, 2007

Yumm Cupcakes

So I wake up this morning at 7am to my dog crying at my bed to get in - this NEVER happens. Apparently it was raining out and windy - which eventually became a thunder and lightning storm - and it freaked out my poor pup. Yes, the giant 120ish pound pup was scared in my bed. It was pretty funny.

So I haven't been posting a lot lately - I'm not sure what that's about, but I'm guessing it's the whole "I don't have cancer anymore" thing that has been keeping me from posting. I'm starting to think forward instead of right now, which is good and motivating to be done with chemo. I just wish it could go by sooner!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my mom and told her that we have to make cupcakes for my second to last chemo - why you ask? Well Paula, my chemo nurse, has a vacation planned on my last day, so we're going to have to celebrate me being done twice! :) We can't leave her out because she rocks! She's the best chemo nurse there - hands down! So anywho, me and mom bought some fun sprinkles for the cupcakes and little champagne candles to go on them!! Yumm cupcakes, I want one now :) I'll of course celebrate my last chemo as well, because duh, it's my last chemo! I'll have to buy some party hats or something! Weird thing is, you would think I would have seen celebrations for other patients being done - but I haven't. Maybe they don't get many celebrations because everyone is older. Oh well, they will!

It's been really hot the past couple days, I'm glad it's raining. I need some good sleeping weather. Yesterday was the first day since chemo that I was out and about and feeling normalish, not bad. It's funny, I don't drive at all for a week after chemo, I actually had to use my spare keys because I couldn't find my real ones - whooops! Last night I finished up my disability paperwork finally! It's a big relief to have it done, I really hate paperwork - especially annoying paperwork that wants you to list all the jobs you've had in the past 15 years and every medication I've taken - come on, I don't know all that -- okay well I know the jobs, but not all the drugs. Whatever, they'll get what they'll get and hopefully they'll approve this shit and all will be well.

Well that's all I got for now. Stay tuned for more randomness soon.



judy tierney said...

Just caught up on your latest blogs.
Hurrah to no radiation and being finished with chemo soon. hang in there kid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, hope you are feeling ok. Thanks for sending the parcel. It hasn't arrived yet but I will let you know when it arrives. Something coming your way in the next couple of days xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, hope you are ok? Thinking of you. I'm glad you are not having the radiotherapy, lucky escape I think after reading Daz's blog recently. xx

Anonymous said...

Ok, sweet. an end of chemo celebration. My only advice- Go big or go home. I hadn't seen anybody throw themselves a celebration at my chemo clinic either. So I threw myself a parade, everyone wore ridiculous hats and played instruments and we marched around inside and outside, some people playing the tambourines, some Kazoos. I had a harmonica. It was fantastic. You gotta see my outfit, it still makes me happy. If you can visit this page, here's my facebook pics of it.(
if not, I'll post one on my caringbridge blog. Take care.
When it comes to throwing yourself a party.. go Big or go home.

Anonymous said...

Hey chica... I'm loving the cupcake idea! I think the nurse(s), etc will really appreciate it too. They don't always get a "thanks" for helping patients as often as they should! Umm, and you TOTALLY get to eat fun-cakes (hmm, just made that up, I think I like it: fun-cakes!)! YAY! Well, any who, this week and then only 2 more (I think) chemo tx... you can do it... I mean look already: cancer's your bitch! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yay yummy cupcakes for last chemo days!! hurray!