Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yesterday was deportation day and all went well. It was actually more emotional than my last chemo, so exciting because this means that I'm really DONE! I was awake for the procedure, and it brought back memories or being awake during my biopsy when I was freaking out the whole time and crying. I'm so glad that part of my life is hopefully over. I had a couple tears roll down my cheek during my port removal, but they were tears of joy!

I'm in a little pain, but so far it's not bad. I'm going to take off my bandage shortly to shower, I'm a little nervous to see what it looks like, but I was told that it will look better than it did originally.

While we were at the hospital we went to say hi to Tina and get a note for mom missing work. When we were in the waiting room, we were talking to Mary and she told us that Kathleen, my chemo nurse for my last treatment, got laid off too! I can't believe this place, she was so awesome! Apparently someone else is leaving the infusion center so she'll most likely get her job back, but still that's just terrible to get rid of such good help! I'm writing a letter about everyone I loved there and sending it next week. Stay tuned.

I'm heading to Tim's graduation party soon. Should be fun, and maybe I'll even have myself a drink! :)



Anonymous said...

Have a great time Kelly, enjoy your drink, I think I will have one for you and toast your good health tonight!!


Veronica said...

Yes, have a drink on us, Kelly......let your hair down (bet you thought you'd have none left by this stage!!!!).

Congrats on your's time to start the rest of your life...........!!!!!!