Friday, June 8, 2007

Guess What I Bought Tonight!

A tennis racquet!! How fun! I was bored and home alone so I decided to go to Dick's Sporting Goods and look at sneakers and stuff. My first stop was the tennis racquettes - I had looked online earlier this week during an insomnia attack and thought they were around $60-80, but surprisingly I found a bunch of them for only $25-30! I got a purple one that has proceeds going to breast cancer and it even came with a little case thingy for around $30! I bought some tennis balls too, now I just need someone else to play with me. Anyone want to play with?? I have tennis courts at my apartment complex, and since I'll be moving back soon... you might want to learn!

When I got home I took a few balls to the backyard and hit them to my dog, he loved it! I guess worst case scenario I'll be playing tennis with my pup- he's just not very good at hitting it back :) I didn't find any sneakers yet, but I did make friends with the dude that sells them.

I'm planning on hanging out with Mandy tomorrow and doing some more shopping and hanging out old school style - aka like last summer pre-cancer. I'm on a mission to get a few things for Mission Skinny Kelly - shorts and tops and sneakers, all that jazz. I also want a few shirts and maybe even a dress, I've got to start thinking about dressing for work soon! Hooray! We're planning on going to see Knocked Up too and going out to dinner or something. Should be funtastic. Then I'm planning on sleeping over her parents house like I did a lot last summer. Should be a fun time. Maybe we can find some tennis courts and try out my new racquet!

I talked to Tina today and she said she sent an email to Dr. Graham to see if he'll be able to take my port out next Friday. He's the same Dr that did my biopsy and port surgery, we're like BFFs at this point :) Please cross your fingers he can squeeze me in, I'm so excited to get deported!!

Oh and PS I think the 28th is off - stay tuned for updates. Oh and start leaving comments again, I'm getting bored whenI check my email! Okay that's all for now. XO


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, been away again for a few days to Wales. I have just got home and caught up with your blog entries. So sorry you had such a bad night and very pleased you are feeling better. Can't wait to come and visit you, don't know if we can wait till next year!

You are right, take it easy and don't put any pressure on yourself.

Email on the way


Anonymous said...

Scott's been promising to teach me to play tennis for years - he's really good at it - if he teaches me soon, I'll tennis it up with ya sometime! :)
- Jess

Veronica said...

Hi Kelly - I'M BACK - did ya miss me?? Well, obviously you did as I wasn't around to write amazing comments!!! You'll have to have an annual chemopalooza so we can join you next year :) Hoping Chris and Vicky wait for us to come over, but if not they'll definitely have to start saving to go a second time with us!!!!

Take care - we still need your address as we are gathering goodies to send to you..........x