Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm So Sleepy Doodles!!

Wow, I'm exhausted!! I went to Mandy's last night and realized that was the first time since I've been sick that I haven't stayed at my apartment or with my parents and was a little nervous at first...but I'm still alive! HOORAY! We went and did a little shopping and I actually got a couple shirts which was exciting, I need to find some shorts and eventually get some new pants for work - yes I'm starting to look at work clothes again!! We also saw Knocked Up, which was absolutely hillllarious! For my UK friends that haven't heard about it, you can watch the movie trailer here. Almost every actor in the movie was also in The 40 Year Old Virgin (also hilllarious). It's definitely a movie that I'll purchase when it comes out on DVD.

Tonight I hung out with Pat, we were supposed to go bowling, but the bowling place closed at 9 and we got there at 8:50, so we decided to go to a bar for an hour, I drank a Shirley Temple and watched him drink a beer and we shot the shit. As soon as I sat down at the bar I realized how tired I was... I'm sooo ready for bed. I found the BEST picture when I was at his house....

Yep, that's me when I was about 14 or 15. Back then they had just gotten that cat and I tried to rename it Camel, I don't even know what it's real name is! And look how tan I am!! My skin would never be like that now, I just burn or stay bright white! (:

Oh and I borrowed Borat from him and will probably watch it tonight or tomorrow. That's all I got for now, my brain is fried, stay tuned for more updates. The countdown continues!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I tired you out! It was all the shopping and apartment inspecting!