Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Freakin' HOT!

Damn, it's hot out today!! We were close to 100 degrees today, gross!! I'm such a sweater lately, it's so annoying!! I went shopping and I couldn't stop sweating, even in the mall where it's usually pretty cool! Yuck! Hopefully the sweating will stop soon, but it's doubtful. I did buy myself some new shampoo this weekend, and it smells yumtastic! I used it today and I could smell it when I started sweating, gross I know, but true :) I can't wait for my hair to stop falling out, hopefully next week!!

I'm heading to Block Island on Friday with mom. I'm getting closer to being ready to go, just need to get new sneakers now :) I'm going to go look again tomorrow, and hopefully I'll find some so I can get back in shape.

Oh and I think my cancer project for when I'm back to normal is opening a post chemo fat camp -- what do you think? Me and Meg were watching The Biggest Loser last night and the whole time I was thinking, man that would be great if I could go to fat camp to get back in shape post chemo! Okay, so I probably won't open a post cancer fat camp, but it's a great idea if someone else wants to take it and run with it. Maybe I'll nominate myself for the show :)

Hmm...what else is going on... eh not too much I guess. I went out to lunch with Sarah from work today, it was super yummy and fancy! Then I went into work for a few hours to say Hi to everyone, and I was there forever! Soon enough I'll be back there, but it's good that they're not rushing me back! Oh and I went to the Wellness Community to do a newcomer orientation to learn about what they have to offer now that I'll be around more often. I figure when I'm back from vacation I'll join one of their support groups. They have a lymphoma one that meets once a month, but I guess they also do general support groups on a weekly basis. So yeah, that's all I got for now. I'll post more soon!



Sanbandit said...

thanks for the cancer tip of the day! neutrogena spray, i'll have to look it up. Yeah i only eat slightly well cause i'm supposed to be on a lowfat diet post gb removal. Of course i'm sure the ham,egg and cheese wrap isn't so healthy lol.
OMG i completely understand about the sweating!!! I used to sweat before, but now it's like 20 times worse. I can't stand the heat!! But if you have something cool or ice, put it on your wrists, or run cold water over them. That helps a little in the heat.
post chemo fat camp?? I'm so there come setp/oct! Oh wait, what if i was fat before chemo?? lol

Veronica said...

Now, now - don't moan about heat - you'll have to visit Scotland, then you'll NEVER complain about being hot again - most people over here still have their heating on and it's JUNE!! I turned ours off but I'm bloody cold!!!

Take care - enjoy Block Island, take lots of photos to share with us :)...............x