Saturday, June 16, 2007

Look, It's Me and Tina!

Here's a celebratory picture of me and Tina after I finished chemo. I kinda forgot to take a picture of me actually getting chemo, but oh well, never again!!!! :) She was sooo excited for me, it made me feel good to be taken such good care of. I also have sleepy ativan face, since I had just woken up.

I'm feeling good, but super tired these past few days. I've taken at least 3 naps today and it's only 8pm! I can't wait to be done taking my drugs too, it'll be so exciting to hide my zofran and decadron and compazine and laxitives away from me!! Out of sight, out of mind, baby! On the road to recovery soon enough!

I'm getting my port out on Friday and my mom is going to take me. Looks like she's planning on sleeping over Thursday night and maybe Friday (not sure yet) - taking me Friday morning. Should be fun sorta. I'm excited to go to my apartment, I think I'm going to try and stay for about a week or so. We'll see, but that's kinda the plan. I need to feel like me again for a little while and be near people I know :) Then soon enough, I'll be packing up everything for Block Island... I'm really not ready for this trip yet. I need to go get new sneakers, and some shorts, and stuff. But I'm guessing I won't stay for the 3 weeks straight, I have a feeling I'll come back for some reason or another, we're leaving mom's car on the other side of the ferry, so I can go off no problem. I'm excited, I should eat a lot healthier while I'm there. I'm a little nervous about not having air conditioning, just because chemo makes me sweat so darn much, but hopefully it won't get too muggy, I suppose I can always hide in the basement if needed :)

What else... I'm enjoying that a few people have put music on their blogs like I did. I wish I thought of it earlier, but oh well. Still fun and exciting. I couldn't find all the songs I wanted, but did find a lot of them. I'm tech-tastic!

Oh and here's a picture of me looking the most normal I've looked in a while - I took it last weekend before I went out to dinner, I'm wearing a new shirt I bought, and I love the bright green/blue...brightens me up or something :) So, hooray!
Also, my pal Wullie is going in next Tuesday the 19th to start his stem cell transplant bonanza. It's pretty crazy, he gets a super high dose of chemo, then gets his stem cells that have been being harvested over the past few months, then the waiting begins. Please if you get bored, leave him lots of comments, he'll need to entertainment while he's in the hospital for the next 3-6 weeks. He's a trooper, I know he'll kick cancer's ass, big time!!
As for Chris, so far he's doing super with his radiation, minimal side effects thus far - so kudos to him!!
Go cancer fighters and KYPU!!



Veronica said...

Hey, Kelly - thanks for the good wishes for Wullie. He needs all the positives he can get right now. The waiting is no fun and there's going to be a lot of that:(

As for you - enjoy getting stronger and stronger knowing that no-one's going to come along to give you more 'magic juice' which will make you feel poo again.........x

Sanbandit said...

hey lady! Mmmm ativan, i love that stuff!! No worries not addicted though :) I'm so jealous, i awanna go to Block Island for 3 weeks! Enjoy feelin better day by day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, thinking of you and my bet is that you will last 3 weeks on the Island, beautiful place, family around you and good food, what more could you wish for....oh yeh no more chemo!!!!!!!yipeee.

I am going to start my blog next week and will defo put the music on, Chris still hasn't done it, he is starting to feel very tired (i think) he puts a very brave face on but I can tell he is struggling a bit.

Anna off to the Isle of Man in the morning, all very exciting for her,she will be there till Friday which will mean I will be free in the evenings to do the blog.

Your photos are great and yes that colour really looks good on you.

bye for now Kelly,


Hope all goes well Friday x

Anonymous said...


just wanted to say congrats on finishin' up chemo in such style, humor, and grace.

chemo kisses to you dearest,

Anonymous said...

HI Kelly, hope your symptoms are not too bad and just keep remembering that this is the last time and the only way is up now.

Keep your pecker up!


Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that I’ve followed your blog since we met at the “I’m Too Young for This” conference.

Congratulations on finishing treatment (!), all the while keeping a sense of humor throughout the whole experience. I wish you nothing but health and happiness and hope you have a seamless adjustment back into your “normal” life as cancer becomes a distant memory!

Have a blast at your chemopalooza blowout, enjoy life and continue to keep people laughing…