Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Looks Like NEXT Friday Now

So I just got off the phone with the secretary...I guess he typically likes to wait a month to make sure that the blood goes back to normal or something...but I explained that my doctor said it was okay, so now I'm penciled in for the Friday after next (June 22) at 11am. I'm also not allowed to take any ibuprofen for a week before the appointment because she said it thins your blood- that will be a bummer since I'll be coping with my last chemo and most likely will want to take some, but at least I'm allowed to take Tylenol, it'll have to do. I'll suck it up and be a trooper because I want my port out of me ASAP!!!!

So yeah, that's my update, it's also me writing down somewhere the time for the appointment so I don't forget :)

One day until Flag Day!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Yeah - cos you'd really forget your 'deportation' if!!

Veronica x

judy tierney said...

Glad you're getting the port out as planned. Feel better, Judy