Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tomorrow Is Flag Day!

So incase you were wondering, tomorrow is not only my last chemo, but it's also flag day!!! Okay, really, who cares and who really knows what flag day is really about - I'm just sharing that a "holiday" falls on my last chemo. I bought cookies to bring tomorrow to the last hoorah, and got some that are red white and blue, like flags - for flag day, duh :)

Okay, I just Googled Flag Day, and I found the history of Flag Day, incase you're bored. Personally, I only skimmed it, it's pretty long... I cleaned it up all pretty and then it got screwed up, so just click if you care to find out more...but in short, it's an annual day specifically celebrating the Flag -simple enough, eh?

So I'm heading to bed in a few hours, usually the night before chemo I'm pretty wired and stay up too late, but hey, tomorrow is the last day, so whatevs, why change it up now?! It'll be sad that Paula, my chemo nurse, won't be there to celebrate, but knowing her she'll be thinking of me tomorrow while she's on vacation.
Oh yeah, and hooray, I got an edible arrangement today from my cousins Rene and Laurie! UK friends -- you probably don't know what these are, and I should have taken a picture before I ate half of the damn thing, oops!! So here's a picture I found online, looks similar to the one I got...basically, it's yummy fruit cut up all pretty like flowers, but better than flowers because you can't eat them!! I've eaten sooo much fruit today, oh and it was gooood. I even left it out for a few hours before I started to eat it so it wouldn't hurt my achy teeth - yep, they still hurt! Pretty much just the front ones on the top and bottom - ya know, the ones you use the most! I have a giant stash of straws because I pretty much can't drink anything without one...hopefully this chemo side effect will leave me soon :)


Oh yeah, and since me and dad always go out to dinner after chemo, I'm thinking about telling our waiter it's my birthday and making them sing to me, what do you think?!

Okay, I'm done posting for the night. XO!


Veronica said...

Hey you - you obviously have too much time on your hands - I can't keep up with your posts! I haven't got sound on my computer as it attracts my teeny tots and I need peace to post!! However, when they're in bed I'll have a good listen - I am IMPRESSED you techno-person,you!!

As I write this you'll be on your way to your LAST chemo - so thinking of you and sending you the BEST vibes going. Take care.........x

Veronica said...

Oh and HAPPY FLAG DAY you crazy Americans!!!!

BTW that edible arrangement looked fantastic - I'm going to have to see if anyone in the UK does these................x

OK, I'm done now (oh, and so are you - hooray!!!)..........x

Chris said...

By the time you read this you will have probably completed the chemo... HORRRRAAAAYYY....
just a few days to get over it and then the rest of your life begins. Enjoy.
National Flag Day! What next?
Chris X

Sanbandit said...

hahaa you are so funny!! Hope your last chemo goes great and side effects are nil. Hope the teeth warm up! Happy Flag day too! :O)
Those edible arrangements are yummy,we had one delivered at work once.
Yay chemo finale!
take care

Wullie said...

Happy Flag Day. My American work friends in Huntsville, Alabama all have the day off today.
More importantly...



I hope this week isn't too hard but at least it's the last time you'll have to go through it.

Enjoy that meal and I'd get them to sing to you :-)