Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy July 4th everyone!! I slept late today and woke up feeling kinda crappy, my back really hurt and it still does :( I keep having really weird dreams too! I went to the parade this afternoon with my parents -we walked there because it's less than a 10 minute walk and parking is a nightmare, but our house is at the top of a giant hill - and it wasn't really hot today, but it was humid and I was sweating like crazy. Mom and dad stayed downtown after the parade ended, but I walked back to the house because I was hot and my hair was making me self-conscious. By the time I got back to the house I was completely soaked with sweat and exhausted. Gross! The parade wasn't as good as usual, there are usually tons more floats, but it was still fun. The rest of the day was pretty much just lazy time. It wasn't a beach day, it was kinda gloomy and then eventually rained. I watched crappy TV and took a nap on the couch. My dog Bailey is sitting next to me on the couch right now, and he still stinks! Hopefully we can give him a bath this week sometime.

I'm starting to hate my hair. As grateful as I am to still have some hair, it's not enough to do anything with and I always feel like I look weird. I've been getting frustrated with it lately. I kinda just want to cut it off, but I don't think I would look good with short hair. Anyone a photoshop genius and want to show me what I would look like with short hair? Maybe I'll get a wig for those days I want to look nice. I dunno. It just bothers me lately. When it's flying around in the wind, ugh I hate it. Oh yeah, and it still hasn't stopped falling out! Fingers are crossed for soon!

Cross your fingers for some good beach weather this week - I really need to get some swimming in!



Sanbandit said...

Happy 4th! weather here was gloomy all day but cool and windy. They still had fireworks but it was raining off and on. My friend bought be a BBQ grill (a little one) for my roof and a chimney starter and a bag of charcoal. He tried grilling today (burgers and veggies) but didn't use the chimney long enough for the coals to get hot enough before putting them in the grill lol so we just heated things through on the stove top after. Now he's grilling peaches and pineapple and yes it's almost 10:30 pm. I understand about the hair completely. my mom got me a little crocheted beret kind of nice to just tuck the hair up in it and go! I'm gettin closer to shaving it off. Was going to today but i just don't think i can.
have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Chris said...

Hi Kelly
Happy 4th July, Hope you had a nice day.
Just checking in to see how you are getting on. Sounds like you are having fun on Block Island, can't wait to be there.
Enjoy your recovery time, sounds like you are doing well.

Unknown said...

Sorry the parade wasn't all that good. I didn't even get my lazy butt down to the parade. It was really hot here on the 4th. Even hotter yesterday though. Record breaking temps for this time of year. I think it was like 108 or 109...all I know, it was to damn hot to be outside for very long.

Yeah, I know about the hair thing. Well, kind of. I haven't started loosing it yet, but I did cut most of mine off. I think my husbands, Nana and I are going to go look at some wigs next week. Just to be prepared. If it stays as hot as it has been, I don't think I will be wearing any wigs.

I'm going to go get some work done, but I will check in with you later. I have my Port consult this evening.

Take care,