Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Love Free Cancer Stuff

Today I was looking at the July/August issue of the Wellness Community's calendar of events and the La Residencia Spa in Newton is giving away free services to Wellness Community participants the week of August 6-10 -- one hour facial, Swedish massage, relaxation massage of choice, manicure, makeup consultation and application. I was torn between the Swedish massage and the facial, but decided on the massage since it's more difficult to do a bad job on that :) You know me, I always jump on free cancer stuff! So if you live in the Boston area and are a Wellness Community participant, then be sure to take advantage of this - by the way, I just looked at the site and they're pretty expensive, so that makes it even more exciting!

Other than that, not much is going on today. The weather is still kinda "eh" and it's cloudy. Mom's friend George and his wife Elaine came this afternoon and are staying until Saturday. We'll probably go out to dinner tonight. That's all the excitement I got for today, unfortunately it's not a beach day :(
Oh and I just read this article in WIRED about Dean Karnazes who has become a running machine, an interesting and motivational read, though I don't see myself doing any marathons anytime soon.


Heather said...

Enjoy the massage. That's great that the spa is offering that. Tell my parents I say hello! :)

Sanbandit said...

MMmmmm massage, love massage, enjoy!!!!!!

Veronica said...

Trust you to find free goodies - hope you get a good masseur ;-)

Thanks for continuing to post on Wullie's blog - he's not been on the computer at all but I know he'll be really touched by your words........!

Keep enjoying your holiday, it's well needed - you deserve all the fun you have...........x