Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Just So Lazy!

Ugh, I can't shake my laziness these past few days. I've got super ADD and I'm staring at my computer doing nothing a lot lately. I'm probably recovering from my weekend as well, but still! Friday Julia and Lynda got here, we went out to dinner and then just hung out at my house - woke up early the next morning, had breakfast then walked all around downtown (which kicked my ass) and then went to the beach...we only stayed for a few hours even though it was an awesome day, and boy am I glad we left when we did because my nose was/is totally burnt and my cheeks and shoulders too - so good thing we left when we did - we had lots of fun though. I'll post a picture when they send me them :)

After hanging out with Julia and Lynda all day, I went out to dinner with mom, dad, auntie sue and uncle rich that night, and stayed up pretty late - boy was I exhausted! Ever since then I've been lounging around the house. Of course, I now have a lil sunburn on my face and the weather hasn't been as nice lately - so I've got some excuses other than just being tired.

I feel so weird lately - like I'm slacking off and just being lazy, I have to keep reminding myself that I had cancer and chemo and it's totally normal to be tired and want to be lazy! I just wish I was more motivated to become skinny - I thought it would just happen as soon as I felt a little better, but I find myself eating ice cream and being sorta lazy :( I know it takes time though, and I just gotta remember that. It's just so frustrating when I go to the beach and see all these skinny people, I get so jealous!

As for the other chemo side effects - hair loss and teeth sensitivity, they're both starting to slow down! I don't have that much hair left, but I've been pulling it back so I don't have to look at it or fuss with it -- and when I pull it back, it looks like I have more hair. I wonder why I never pulled it back during chemo - my guess is it probably would have fallen out more, so it's gotta be slowing down now! I haven't had any big chunks come out in the last few showers and I've been showering more which is also awesome - for everyone! Oh AND I found some baby hair sprouts, so soon maybe it'll start to fill out - I'm interested to see what it'll look like!

I also can't believe that my vacation is almost over :( Sad lamb!!! I'm leaving here on Thursday - probably in the afternoon so I can try to go to the monthly Lymphoma support group at the Wellness Community. I'm pretty bummed about leaving vacation mode - and I'm also bummed that our weather hasn't been as awesome as it usually is - don't get me wrong, it was nice here, but usually there are a lot more perfect beach days during our stay -- I also haven't gotten as many pictures as I wanted to. Oh well, there's a chance our house isn't rented the week of August 25, so maybe I can come back, if not maybe I'll come back for the big 2-5 in September.
Oh and PS I think I'm fighting an ear infection, cross your fingers it goes away soon!


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Veronica said...

Hey Lazy Girl - (only joking, I'm sure it's just holiday-itis and the fact that you've had one hell of a year!! - CHILL while you can!!)

To keep those end of holiday blues away, there should (fingers crossed) be a Scottish parcel waiting for you when you get back to Boston............x

Enjoy your last few days at the beach ;)