Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Last Night Here

Yesterday was another awesome beach day! I went swimming for 45 minutes or so and even got a little "tan" -- in other words, I'm probably the color you are in the winter :) Even my mom went swimming and she NEVER goes! I was walking her out into the ocean and she wouldn't listen to me to go out further, so instead she got hit by a few waves and fell down, ha ha ha! It was funny, remember always listen to your daughter :)

Last night after the beach festivities we had Ron, Judy, Joyce and Charlie over for dinner. Judy even brought some strawberry daiquiris which were yummy, yep, I had some with booze in em, but not a lot because I could feel a tummy ache slowly approaching.

Tonight is my last night here, I can't believe my vacation is already over :( I'm starting to look tan for me too!! Damnit! I was also told last night that my face has deflated a lot since I first got here, which is always exciting! It's kinda gloomy right now, looks like it's going to rain - probably not going to be a good beach day. I've got to pack up my room soon too, ugh. We're going to Joyce and Charlie's house for dinner tonight too.
Oh yeah and I have to vent about how annoying long term disability is... this woman managing my case is NUTS! She keeps giving me false deadlines for when I'll be approved, doesn't understand ANYTHING and expects me to do her job! It's sooooo frustrating! I sent in all of my paperwork in April and I still haven't been approved and it's mid-July! They're having trouble with the records that from my primary care dr - which really isn't my primary dr anymore since she sucks at life and I haven't seen her since I have been diagnosed - oh yeah and she doesn't work there anymore. The records they sent (which I had to go and request IN PERSON!) were vague and they don't like some of the dates since they're trying to make sure I didn't have a pre-existing condition, which is SOOO ANNOYING!! My oncologist sent them a letter saying I've never had cancer before or symptoms, but apparently it's not good enough! They also told me last week they needed lists of my prescriptions from all the pharmacy's I went to - yeah thanks for waiting until I'm in Block Island for 3 weeks to tell me this! I got half of them, and the rest should be waiting for me when I return, but it's so frustrating! This is their job to get this stuff, why am I stressing about this, and why the hell didn't they tell me in MAY that I needed this stuff! Ugh. So of course this also means that I haven't been paid since May 23 - yep it's been a LOOONG time. I feel like I'm getting punished for having cancer, what the fuck, I paid my dues, did my chemo, now pay me what I'm owed! I don't know what else to do with these people, it's just not fair, they don't believe me that I didn't have a pre-existing condition, and it's not fair!! Ugh! I kinda wish I got rid of my apartment when I started treatment, it's sooo much money and I could be more stress free if I didn't have it - of course I would be looking for a new place, but at least I wouldn't be anywhere near as poor :( Ugh, I hate cancer.

Sorry for the vent, but I'm sooo annoyed!

Anywho, tomorrow I head to my apartment, get my PET/CT scans on Friday, then go to the doctors on Monday - hopefully it's just a social visit :)

I'll try and get some pictures of me tonight, since I took the main one here, so I'm not in it. This is the only recent one of me (and mom), and it's terrible. XO


Sanbandit said...

Ugh sorry you have ot go through all that long term dis crappy people. I just got a call today saying that my short term hours haven't been reported and am I copmleted iwth treatment, if not is there an end date and when do i expect to be back to fulltime. Well hello people i call every tuesday and report my time so go find it you idiots! but no i had to log in (luckily i'm at work) to our employee resource site and go searching back throu my timesheets to report everythign since the week of june 2nd. So i understand how stupid those people can be! bummer it's your last night. But hope you have lots of fun!!

Veronica said...

Despite the weather, reports like this make me glad to live in the UK - getting treatment and financial help seems a lot easier over here compared to America - however, the weather makes it easy to forget we're lucky!! :(

Hope it all gets sorted.......and I'm glad you didn't bin your appartment - having your own place can be a burden but at least it is YOURS and when you're settled back in after your holiday, you'll be glad you still have it..........x

Take care you - thinking of you this week as you go for scans..........xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry for our new "pain in the system". It just goes to show that you have to look out for numero uno. Good luck with the scans on Friday. Friday is Jenny's last radiation day. YIPEEEEeeeeeee! Then, the wait until the CT/PET in mid September.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, that lady is not doing her job and if she can't handle it, then go find a job you can handle... like watching clothes dry or something! haha, sorry, that wasn't very nice of me. I understand the frustration. Not to the same extent, but my HR at work... totally lame! Tell ya more about it when I see ya (soon!!). Anywho, keep me/us posted about the doc appts and scans and all that jazz! Glad you're doing better and getting some color!! I'll see you soon. XOXO

Anonymous said...