Friday, July 6, 2007

Some Bad News

Leon died today :(


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Leon :( thats sad.

Veronica said...

Kelly - I am very sorry to hear of Leon's passing. I'm sure you gave him the best possible life and, although the end was a bit traumatic, I'm sure he appreciated living his last few days on Block Island.............(((hugs)))

Cindy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Leon, he lived a good life. Hope you can still enjoy the rest of your vacation, and remember him fondly. Jane's Mom cindy

Sanbandit said...

Oh sad lamb :(
Yeah come on over to the big city. I'll even go brave some Kareoke bar (i actually dont like them but for you I'll go :) )

Unknown said...

Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about Leon. Like my mom said, I hope you will try and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

By the way, I love your long comments, please never apologize for the length of your comments.

I think I am going to buy one of those seatbelt cushions that wrap around the seatbelt. My Nana has them in her car and they are awesome. You just adjust them to sit right around your neck. She's been taking me to my appointments and since I've had so much pain on my right side it's made the drive so much better.

Costco had the umbrella for $14.95; it's a 7 feet sunblocking unbrella with tilt for maximum sun protection, spf 125! - No need for umbrella base or anchor - wind vent for added stability (yeah, I just copied it from the tag off the umbrealla)

Did you take your anti-nausea medince all the time or just a few days after chemo? They had me take it for 3 days after but then stop. I'm sappose to take the Zofran the day before my next treatment.

Gonna let you go for now, my shoulder is acting up on me and the morphine isn't working.

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

I was very fond of Leon, he really brightened up my day!!

Sorry you have lost him Kelly, has he gone done the loo or have you released him to the sea?