Friday, July 13, 2007

A Super Nice Beach Day!

Today was a great beach day! Hooray!! I even went and took some pictures and drove around the island a little bit this morning before we went to the beach :) When I was off taking my pictures, there were these 2 women in front of me, they had just rode their bikes to the bluffs and were walking down the path to also take some pictures - then I noticed the funniest thing, one woman was wearing heels!! I mean come on, you ride a bike and walk down dirt roads in heels !? So I secretly took a picture of her, you'll have to look closely to see her shoes, but I have the proof!
So after my picture bonanza I went to the beach with mom and dad, I even went swimming for about 45 minutes! The water was much warmer than a few days ago and the sun was hot! I kept reapplying my sunblock, but I still got a mini sunburn - but it was worth it! Then we went home, showered and went back to the beach for a bonfire at Joyce and Charlie's which included SMORES! Hooray!

So yeah, it's been a pretty busy day. Oh and the other day me and mom went shopping, and I got a new belt, it's got the shape of block island on it, and the belt buckle is also a bottle opener, how crafty!?! I have some pictures I'll share in the next few days, but they take forever to upload.
Oh and Julia and Lynda are coming to visit me tomorrow! I'm excited, it should be funtastic. Cross your fingers for good weather!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, oooh to be on a beach!!! It has done nothing but rain here.

I am so sorry to hear about Ryan, how fustrating for him and his family, will have a look at his blog shortly. Veronica called us tonight, Chris had a good chat but I was with Anna (who has left being a child and become a young lady today) I'll email you now xx