Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm On Block Island!!

Just a quick update since I'm exhausted! I'm on Block Island now with Bailey (the pup), the weather is super nice, I just wish I had gotten here sooner. Oh and my dog knows that he totally owns me, you know what he did when he got out of the car when we parked to go catch the ferry? He almost peed on my friggin' suitcase! He lifted his leg and ended up peeing like 2 inches from my suitcase! What a bastard! Of course it was also really funny, so whatevs.

Judy picked us up at the boat and took us to her house to pick up our car that we left there. I drove it back, but of course it was making this ridiculous beeping sound the whole way home, like it was going to stall, and it had the break light on, but the breaks weren't on, so I dunno. It must be pretty funny for people to have me drive by them with my car beeping like crazy! :) Oh and then I went to Joyce and Charlie's house for dinner, we even had fresh tomatoes from their garden and they were sooooo good! I wish I had brought my camera over their house because there was an awesome full moon, and it looked amazing over the ocean! Hopefully I can get some cool pictures tomorrow, and hopefully Bubby doesn't kill me in my sleep because he misses his parents! I'm going to try and bring him to the beach early tomorrow morning, but if you know me, you'll know there's a pretty good chance that that won't happen because I suck at sleeping these days :(

Anywho, all of our house stuff is locked up, and of course my parents sent me with the wrong key to the attic, so I'm washing up some blankets for my bed now - and it's 12:30, whoops. I gotta go switch over my laundry.

Stay tuned for more Block Island fun.


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Anonymous said...

So, I'm thinking an early birthday dinner or lunch sometime next week? mmm? YOUR pick, MY treat. We can dress up, dress down, do it up in the city/or out. Think about it.

I should be settled by Mondayish. Give you a call soon lovely!