Sunday, August 5, 2007

POST Chemopalooza

Chemopalooza was awesome and funtastic and so was the Duck Tour. I was a little disappointed that a bunch of people that RSVP'd YES, didn't show up or even call to let me know, but whatevs, a few people that I didn't invite because I didn't think they could get here totally came. It was a combo of people I've known since I was little, people I went to high school with, college people, and friends I've made over the past couple years.

So first of all, the night before Chemopalooza I went out for a few drinks with Pat and Janielle and a few of Pat's work pals - I totally got drunk off of 2 beers, ha ha! I didn't drive to the bar so whatever, then I went back to Pat's new place to sober up. We started watching the Departed, but I left in the middle of it since it was 4am! I got back to my apartment and decided to finish cleaning since that's what I was doing before I went out, so umm yeah, I stayed up until like 6am and had to be up for 11ish to get ready to go to the Duck Tour. So I only got a few hours sleep and was going ALL day yesterday, going to bed probably around 5am, whoops! But as you know, I'm a friggin champ!

I even got presents from a few people which is always awesome!! Greg came and brought me really nice flowers, Tim and Maggie brought me a little goodie bag of perfume - the kind I wear all the time and am actually running out of!, a nice candle, the DVD Mean Girls, fun chocolates, a pedicure kit (let's face it, I like nice toes!), a cute little travel bag and a funny card! YAY! And Lynda was very awesome and gave me a framed picture of the sunset from when she visited me on Block Island, yay! We're eventually going to replace it with one of me and her when she gets it printed :)

So yeah, the party was super fun, we all did a champagne toast "to Kelly Kane" it was very cute and I almost cried. I had a fridge full of beer, and pretty much still do, whoops! I also drank a lot, no clue where the tolerance came from, but I had a few beers (super light ones so I could keep up!) a few cherry cokes (black cherry vodka and coke), champagne, more beer, and then I don't remember :) But I'm impressed that Pat threw up several hours before I did, and he's a drinking machine and rarely throws up! I guess him, Derek and Marissa went to go find a store still open to go buy cigarettes, and Pat secretly threw up on her car and had to squeegee it off!! Everyone left probably around 3:30ish except for Marissa and Derek, and we were hanging out for a while, then me and Derek were walking towards my living room, I was like "hold on" and went in my kitchen and threw up in the sink real quick!! Then apparently I went up to Marissa and was like "Don't tell Derek, but I just threw up" and he was standing there the whole time!! Hilllarious!

Oh and of course, the wigs came out too, which is always awesome! Oh and my mom informed me this morning that yesterday was "Champagne Day" - you know how every day has some sort of "holiday", well apparently August 4th is champagne day!! Love it!
One of the best parts of the night was when a bunch of us were outside, and it was pretty late and the cops came because they got complaints of noise - yay, means it was a successful party! They told us to quiet down or go inside or something and my response was "This is my post chemopalooza party!" and they were just like "OKay" and left! Cancer card ha ha ha!

Oh and the duck tour was fun too! I bought me and Pat duck kazoos so we could quack at everyone - I was told that the duck tour driver makes you quack at people you go by and all this fun stuff, so I was looking forward to making an asshole out of myself, and Pat- BUT he totally didn't even mention quacking, and he was dressed in ridiculous Underdog pajamas, so you would think he would have been more fun! It was very informational though and the other Duck Tours that drove by us were quacking, so I'll still go again because most likely we'll get a better tour guide dude that will help me unleash the idiot in me!

Well I think that's pretty much it, if I think of more hilllariousness I will be sure to update ya. Oh and be sure to check out all of the pictures here

As for a Kelly update, I've still got those weird bumps all over my hands and now on my elbows, and what looks like some bug bites on my leg. It's really weird. I showed them to Meg and she wasn't really alarmed, which is good, but they're itchy and really annoying! I'm starting to think they're bug bites, but then all of a sudden they pop up without any bugs around. Hopefully my dog just needs a bath or something, but it's weird since more have popped up since I've been here, so I'm a little more confused! I'm going to Dana Farber on Tuesday so I'm going to show the doc them and see what he says. Please cross your fingers for some better insight from the doc!

Oh and I totally have my free massage tomorrow, I almost forgot!! HOORAY!

PS - About 50ish people have read my blog today (yes, I am big brother), and not 1 comment, what a scam! Bring back the comments people!



Sanbandit said...

Hey lady! So glad to hear the party was a success,cops and all!! So bummed I couldn't be there!! But that cherry coke drink, now there sounds like somethin I could throw back! I think i'm gonna have me one of those once all this is over! bummer you didn't get to quack at people... i thought thats what part of the duck tours were all about! :)
Enjoy your massage tomorrow!!!

Jess said...

Looks like a blast! I love that you left up the posters on your apartment wall :) My race was amazing and I was thinking of you too. QUACK!