Monday, August 6, 2007

Remember My Slutty Back? Well Now It's Slutty Fingers, Hands And Elbows!

Yep, I've got shingles, AGAIN! On my fingers on my right hand, especially on my index and middle finger and also on my elbows. I'm so bummed, I really thought they were warts, or bug bites, or even a rash, and I was looking forward to my free massage that was scheduled for today at 2 - but I had to cancel it to make sure I didn't get the massage therapist infected. Sad lamb, no free massage!

I got my oncologist to squeeze me in because otherwise I would have to go to the ER and that's more expensive, and I would have to wait forever. So she squeezed me in and was a little shocked that the blisters were on the palm side of my fingers and that I had some on the other hand (on my knuckles) and my elbows, since usually shingles are a band of blisters. She tried to get some puss out of one of them to test it, but we're not sure if we got anything out. Plus you would think my immune systems would be much better since I'm done with chemo now! Ugh!

And don't worry, if you came to my party are are concerned if you caught it, you didn't unless you have a really bad immune system, never had chicken pox, or if you're preggers, so lemme know if you are secretly preggers or never had the pox -- but of course, no one held hands with me, so all should be fantastic.



Sanbandit said...

Awwww man, thats sucks. bummer you got the shingles. Hope they go away quickly. I've only had a run in through them with my grandma having them all on her back.
sorry to hear, glad you got into the onc office today!
take care

Cindy said...

Kelly, so glad your party was a huge success!!! You deserve it. sorry about the shingles though, and really hoping they run away real quick. Janes computer is down, so hopefully she'll be back and running again today. Her modem took a crap. New parts arrived just a little while ago. She is fixing it as I type. Anyway, take care of yourself, and keep us updated on the slutty stuff! Love Cindy

Veronica said...

OK - before DH gets in first, 'slutty' has a v. different meaning in the UK too - honestly, this trans-Atlantic blogging is a real's like learning a new language!

Hope you manage to get to Dana Faber (sp?) today and get some positive feedback.

Take care...........xx