Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kelly Pickle Fingers and Her Advertures in Dirty PETs

Hey everyone,I got back from the Lymphoma "dude" at Dana Farber this afternoon, and first of all, he didn't think I have shingles on my hands (even though they look really bad now! kinda like a pickle!) he thinks it's either "dermatitis" or poison ivy -- even though I haven't been near any, but since it's on my fingers and elbows, he thinks it's a bit strange. So I'm still taking my drugs, and he said I'm not contagious, so I'm going to try and play softball with work - let's hope they don't look at my pickle fingers!

Secondly, as for my "spot" on my PET scan, I mentioned thymic rebound, and he thought it was very possible to be thymic rebound, and honestly, he wasn't terribly concerned about the spot. He said to just do the waiting and get my PET scan at the end of August as scheduled, and then to come and see him with the results. He said the biopsy would be hard to do since it's tough to get thru my scar tissue, but if it lights up again, we should biopsy to know what we're dealing with.

So all in all, pretty positive. He said I have something like a 76% chance of being totally done with the hodge since I had no risk factors like being male (weird huh), stage 4, and one more thing I forgot. Anywho, that's my update!


Sanbandit said...

Guess you aren't that slutty after all huh?! Good to know and hear right! Hope it clears up though. Softball huh? is that gonna be good on the pickley hands? Just curious. Glad it was a pretty positive day! I'm just chillin at home again,completely bored. Just waiting for your post haha :O)
Nice to hear that the doc wasn't too concerned and said it was ok to wait till the next PET scan. A bit of relief eh?
take care have fun playin ball!!

Anonymous said...

Umm, WICKED exciting that the Dana doc-guy is not so worried about the PET scan!!! We'll all be here for ya no matter what the outcome, but keep thinking postitvely... I am! XO