Monday, August 13, 2007

Skin Update!

So here's the latest update on my itchy skin - it's still itchy! I went to the dermatologist this morning, thank goodness! I felt a little rushed when I actually met with the fellow (?) or whatever he was - it was like the pre-doc, doc, so whatever the term is for that. But I was trying to give him all of my history (since cancer takes time to explain!) and he would keep rushing me, so of course I forgot to show him two itchy spots on me :( But here's the deal: I have Dyshidrotic Eczema on my hands and wrist where I had a vein scar - THEN I have like a skin yeast kind of infection (not the girly type!) on my leg! Gross! First they thought I had ring worm (more gross!) but decided it was just yeast build up. I didn't really get a clean explanation about what's going on with my elbows, since at first Fellow dude said it didn't look like eczema, but to me it feels the same, so whatevs! They gave me 2 prescriptions 1 for eczema and 1 for yeast. The eczema one is a foam so it absorbs into your skin better --- thank god because the ointment I had was really gross and greasy! So yeah this foam seems better, but it was super expensive $45 for some damn hand foam, so this crap better work! Then I got something else for the skin infection! Honestly I'm going to blame about 95% of this on cancer/chemo and the ridiculous amount of sweating that happens since chemo! Oh and PS the fellow dude totally didn't believe it could be cancer related, and when the official dermatologist guy came in he was like, "hmmm weird, since you don't have a history of eczema I'm thinking it's because of chemo," so suck it!

Also the other fun part about the hand foam - no pharmacies seem to carry it! So I spent like 30 minutes waiting for the 2 scripts to be filled at Target, only to find out that they didn't have the foam and I had to drive to a CVS a town away and wait another 20 minutes for it to get filled. Needless to say, I left here at 10am and just got home at 4pm! YUCK!

So they said the yucky hands will take about 3 weeks to get better :( So yeah that's my skin story! Blah! I was supposed to go home to my parents house today, but I'm not sure if I should go tonight or tomorrow am. It's already 5pm and now it's super traffic time, so I dunno. Ugh.

Oh and I had a lot of trouble posting the video on the post below, so if you didn't get to click the link to see all of Morgan's videos please click here to check them out - warning there are 22, so you need about 30-40 minutes of free time!



Sanbandit said...

Hey! so glad you got some answers! And you got some meds! Hope they all work! Didn't i say somethin about yeast lol?!
Go in the a.m. skip the icky night traffic!

Anonymous said...

By the way.... love the cow pic! So cute !

Veronica said...

Wow - you are becoming a bit of a medical legend!! Glad you got answers....

We had an interesting day too - Wullie's starting radiotherapy in a couple of weeks........the fun continues!!

Take care..............xx