Sunday, August 12, 2007

Watch This - It's Hillllarious!

Okay I was watching a new show on Lifetime called Side Order of Life, and one of the characters flips out in a restaurant and is yelling at her friend and everyone stops eating and looks at her, she then says "I have cancer" and it's all okay. So anyways, being the ADD individual that I am, I searched for it on You Tube to share with everyone (I never found it!) - but I instead found this guy named Morgan's video blog (aka vlog) on having the hodge. It's pretty amusing, most clips are under 2 minutes, and I was laughing the whole time I was watching it, so I think you all should check it out -- especially if you're looking to pass some time or need to laugh about cancer! So far I have now found two Morgan's online that seem to be the funniest cancer patients eva! Check out his vlog at!


Anonymous said...

No Doubt About It. That guy is awesome!! HAHAHA. My favorite part is when he bursts on the scene rockin out on the Kazoo. I just can't beat that.


Veronica said...

You wacky Americans - honestly :)............xx

Anonymous said...

That video brought a smile to my face! I think "Underneath my magical hat" was the funniest part.

We all need to remember to protect our heads.