Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Got Cancer?

I've been getting a good amount of emails regarding my blog lately, and was pleasantly surprised to get one from Larry Mull who runs (which is also linked on the side of my site). He said he noticed that I have sent him a few folks over to his site and said as a thank you that he's going to send me a free shirt, which is super nice of him! So I thought maybe I could get you all to help me pick a design that I should get, I've got a couple in mind, but I thought it's always good to get ideas from my cancer fighting maybe you'll even like something for yourself and buy something! Oh and Ry Ry, I haven't forgotten about you, I need to take a picture still for you, maybe in the next few days I can get one with me and my parents rocking our chemopalooza shirts! (Hint: Check out both sites as they're hilllarious!)

Anywho, thanks Larry for the offer and I'll be getting back to you shortly on my choice! :) Oh and Jon, did you get your shirts yet too?

I go tomorrow for my surgical consult, stay tuned for updates, and thanks Aaron for the tips on parking!! :)



Anonymous said...

I bought myself (one more thing??) the iChemo apple computer spoof shirt. In green. My mom got me a Lymphoma Sucks shirt, not sure where from and a My Oncologist Rocks shirt to go with my My Oncologist is my Homeboy.
But probably my favorite is the custom embroidered shirt I had made that says "I beat cancer, imagine what I can do to you".

Unknown said...

hmmmmm... tough choice. If I were you I would go with the To Do List, but the !Chemo shirt is pretty cool too.