Monday, September 10, 2007

My Mom Is Obsessed!

So last night I went out to dinner with my parents and also got my birthday present, a Nintendo Wii!! I kinda had a feeling I was getting one, but the funny thing, my mom is obsessed with it now!! We played mostly bowling last night, for about 3 HOURS! Our system only came with one controller, so we would have to keep switching back and forth for our turns, and she says, by noon tomorrow we'll have another controller, this is bullshit. Even better...when I woke up this morning she had just gotten home from the store, with...another Wii system! HA! It was like a package deal, so it was cheaper, and it came with another game. So me being the practical girl that I am, says ok we gotta pack the other one up to return says, well umm maybe I want this one for me, or for Block yeah, we now own 2 systems!!!! HA HA HA!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Wii great?! I actually like it too...the Wii Sports games are fun ;-) Happy late b-day!!

Sanbandit said...

That is hilarious! so happy you got the Wii!
Happy happy day! and happy days ahead of wii game playing! You can also hook it up to your internet and download oldschool games like super mario bros!

Veronica said...

Ha Ha - that's funny! It reminds me of when my mum bought me a hand-held Pacman game when I was about 7 - I never got a look in because she was totally hooked on it!!

I'm addicted to Nintendo DS now. Wullie got me one for me when I was visiting him in hospital and I haven't put it down since - haven't read a book since either - that can't be good!!!!

Keep enjoying the Wii - Wullie's a totaly geek when it comes to gaming so he'll let you know of any games he recommends!


Cindy said...

Sorry for the late birthday wish, sounds like you had a good time. Jane's birthday was great. We all had a really good time, even if we did freeze our asses off in San Fransisco. It was 66 degrees over there, but the wind was blowing like crazy. Anyhow, just want to wish you good luck, and hope things start to go better for you, now that you ARE 25!!!! Love Jane's Mom Cindy