Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surgical Consult Update

Here's my latest update... we're moving forward with my biopsy. There are 2 spots on my chest, one near my thymus and one somewhere to the right of it (mediastinum region?). The surgeon said that doing a biopsy of the thymus could be tricky, so we're going to try to avoid it since it's more invasive, and plus the thymus could just be being funky from chemo. So we're going to biopsy the spot to the right of it. We're scheduled for Friday the 21st, and it's day surgery!! HOORAY, no sleeping in a scary hospital! I'm going to get totally put under for this operation, and she said sometimes it's hard to get at Hodge Nodular Sclerosis nodes because chemo makes them really hard and it could take 2-4 hours or even longer!! WOW!

I'm going to get an ECO next week and meet with an anesthesiologist for a pre surgery consult.

The surgeon also made sure to mark on her notes that they're not allowed to give me full oxygen because of the bleo, so that was reassuring that she really knows her stuff. She talked with me and my parents for probaly 30 minutes, walked us thru my scans, and compared them to big pictures of the chest that we on the wall.

It sounds pretty scary, and of course depressing since the hodge could be back, and I'll have another knife fight scar :( but I feel like I'm in pretty good hands.
That's all for now!!


spincrzy said...

Holy cow! That's so crazy. Good luck with everything!

spincrzy said...

By the way, that last comment was Lauren :)

Sanbandit said...

Hey!! Glad all went well with the surgeon and she could put your minds at ease regarding the biopsy. yes I said it "minds" hahah. I actually was including your parents and you not just you and you and you haha.

Anonymous said...

HI Kelly, sorry missed you the other night, sounds like you are in good hands.


Veronica said...

Kelly - this time next week, it'll all be done and you'll be one step nearer knowing what lies ahead..........thinking of you, as always, and I promise to remember to look after my daughters properly from now on........:0)

Unknown said...

I wish you the best of luck with surgery, this is pretty scary but as long as you confront it head on with a positive attitude you will be fine. I am glad to hear that you have a surgon that cares because that is so important.

Unknown said...

I'm glad the appointment with the surgeon went so well. I'm sure you are in very good hands and they are going to take very good care of you. If the Hodge is back, you will kick it's ass in no time. Keep your chin up!!