Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have internet access again!!! HOORAY! I know you soooo missed me! This is just a quick post to let you know that I'm alive and have internet access. I hope you're all well. Today is a super beautiful fall day and I'm going to drink some warm apple cider, yummm!

As for things new with me, I forget what I've posted recently and am too lazy to look it up... sooo

* I'm going to Dana Farber on the 25th for a PET/CT, blood work and an onc appointment, hopefully we'll find out more then, lots more!

*Yesterday I was on my way to go get a facial (thanks to a gift certificate from Karen and Sarah) and I was early so I found the spa and kept driving and was going to get a drink or something before my facial... anywho, I was 30 seconds from the spa and a car in front of me slammed on it's breaks all of a sudden, so I slammed on my breaks and just barely hit them, and then CRASH! Yep, a stupid non-english speaking lady slammed right into me with her big SUV. She hit me pretty hard too. I drive a little Suzuki Vitara and it has the spare tire outside of it, so that stopped me from getting more damage to my car. But I definitely got thrown around a lot and my neck and back hurt from it :( I called the police so they could fill out a report (since the people were a little sketchy) and then actually still had time to get my facial... I figured, I need to relax more than ever now! Ugh. So I have to fill out paperwork (and I HATE paperwork) and get my car looked at. I even had a lovely mini panic attack from all the insanity, I called my mom crying and hid behind my car while I was waiting for the police to come. I think I'm okay now, I hope so!

*My chest has been hurting a lot lately... not crash related. Right between my boobs, like something is stabbing me. I had this pain towards the end of chemo and they did an EKG and didn't find anything.... but it's hurting again and I don't know what to do. Oh and of course, I'm still itchy. I'm going to bring these things up at my next appointment.

* I treated myself to an early Christmas present and bought myself this Origins gift set of body sugar scrub, lotion and a bar of soap with massaging nubs on it -- they smell like spearmint and I've decided that's my new favorite smell. It instantly cheers me up and makes me feel better. I highly recommend it if you're feeling cranky.

OKay, I'm officially done with this post. I hope you're well and that you missed my posts!



Veronica said...

SUVs should be banned!! Hope you're OK! There's been a lot on the forum about chest pain lately - check it out, it seems to be pretty common post-chemo!
Oh, and I'm going to go get me some spearmint for my 'crankies'!.....xx

ps - good to have you back - the internet's a darker place when you're not around!!

Michelle said...

Hello, i just found your blog and i think your a very good writer! I also want to compliment you on your choice of music!! Very cool!! I hope your appointment goes well on the 25th!! Be well!!

BaldyLocks said...

Aaaak! Like you needed an accident! I hope you're okay and you feel alright.

Like you need more stress. Yeash. I think you need a massage now too.

Veronica said...

ps - I just PM'd you......x

Anonymous said...

My PET/CT is on the 23rd!! I'm gonna wear my Cat mask, because it's a CAT scan (sort of). It makes the techs laugh.

I started growing spearmint and peppermint this year in pots on my back porch. It's really fun to go out and pick your own spearmint leaves for tea!! If you still like spearmint next summer, go somewhere and snag some walmart spearmint plants and toss 'em in a pot. They are actually considered weeds in a lot of places, so they grow realllly easily.

Take Care,

BaldyLocks said...

I hope you had a good night. I've been trying since my birthday to make a martini. I'm too tired to do it!

So tomorrow is going to be martini Sunday at my house.

I'm going to send out ALL my best vibes for you on the 25th. I have super powers, y'know...

Duane said...

Glad to learn you're ok after the crash. I hope your car isn't damaged too badly.

With regards to the pain in the chest, I experience from time to time what I call a "phantom pain" in the mediastinum right around the breastbone as you described. Others I know who were treated for HD described something similar. It comes and goes at will, but it isn't painful. It's like pressure on the chest. I don't know if what I'm describing sounds familiar, but like you tests have been done and nothing has ever been found. It's just one of those things. I would, however, bring it to the attention of your docs.

Wishing you a clean and uneventful PET-CT scan!

Snowbear said...


I used your pic and made a post of it; surf by when you get a chance.

Sanbandit said...

Sheesh, sorry you got rearended that sucks. Hope the neck and back feel better!! Glad you found some spearmint smelly things to cheer up the crankies!! Hope the onc and scans can figure it all out for ya!
Take care!

spincrzy said...

Oh my, Kelly! Glad everything is alright. Good luck with everything on the 25th!