Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey everyone,

Just a quick post since I finally showered and took pictures of my new shiny, dark and fabulous hair. I still didn't take a fall pic from my window, and will try to tomorrow or this weekend, whenever I'm back at my apartment and it's pretty.

I'm heading out to lunch with some family folks in an hour or so, so that's all I got for now!!
Hope you're enjoying my's thicker, shinier, and just better! It even seems to be hiding the chemo stripes, YAY!!!! You know you want to touch it!! PS you'll notice my curls on the sides, that's how long most of my new hair is :)



BaldyLocks said...

You look so beautiful! How long has your hair been growing back for? It looks like the same length as mine! SO pretty!

I didn't realize I wasn't around for a bit. I have no concept of time anymore. Weeks wizz by and I hardly notice and I never know what day it is.

No stalking is necessary. I'm still here.

BaldyLocks said...

I'll send a comment to you later today. I have a super headache right now.

judy tierney said...

Smashing hair!

Veronica said...

Not only do you look amazing - there'a also a 'twinkle' in your eyes, Kelly, that I haven't seen for a while - those Boston boys (nay, MEN!!) better watch out this weekend..........xx

Unknown said...

You look great!!! I'm so jealous of the hair. How wonderful it must have been to have your hair done!!! Keep smiling!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good ms. Kelly!!
- Jess :)

Anonymous said...

That's way amazing super-cute!!

BaldyLocks said...

That's right. I have hair envy.

I think all the super rich celebrities should have pity and donate some of their millions for hair extensions for the needy. They certainly get enough of them...

...and I need hair like Jessica Simpson....or any other random celebrity.

(Charlie's Angels, Charlie's Angels)